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Some Frequently Asked Questions About SRT 


How do you find the negative energies that need to be removed? 

Using a pendulum, the practitioner will connect to your Higher Self and locate the negative energies that require removal from your Soul’s Akashic Records via a large series of specially designed charts. 

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records can be viewed as a non-physical library of everything that has ever taken place, is taking place and will take place in the future. Time is irrelevant to the records as it does not exist in the Spirit world. More information on these records can be found on Wikipedia

Do I have to believe in reincarnation in order for the sessions to work?

It would likely help the practitioner if you had some spiritual knowledge or inclination but no, you do not need to believe in reincarnation or even the existence of an afterlife in order to benefit from SRT. The energies that are not serving you will still be located and removed with ease. If possible, enter the session with a very open mind and give full permission and thanks to the Universe to release any energies that are no longer serving you or hindering you in any way during the session. 

Do I need to do anything in particular before or after an SRT session?

Shortly before an SRT session, you may wish to do a prayer of intention. Intend that the issue you wish to work through will be resolved and feel and envisage how you will be after this. After an SRT session, it is advisable to drink plenty of water and to ground yourself. If possible, go for a walk in nature or rest for a while.

Will positive changes occur immediately after the session?

This will vary from person to person as we are all different. You may feel a significant difference during the session, or not until some weeks later. If any limiting beliefs were additionally removed during your healing session, it may take up to 21 days in order for them to completely dissipate from your subconscious mind and for the new, positive belief to be fully installed. 

If we are clearing energies between myself and someone else, will they be able to feel anything?

This will depend on how intuitive the person you are clearing energies with is, however, you may very well find that the relationship improves over time as a result of the clearing, or they may also effortlessly fall out of your life as your vibration shifts and changes out of alignment with theirs. 

Can SRT help me to find my Soulmate?

Directly, no but perhaps indirectly. If any existing blocks or interferences exist, removing them may help to set you on the right path to finding an appropriate partner or even Soulmate in this lifetime. 

Will the negative energies that have been removed come back?

What has been cleared, has been cleared and should not return. Please note, however, that if you are working on the removal of limiting beliefs from the subconscious mind, that these can reinstall themselves if you think about them very often as limiting beliefs are simply thoughts that at some point in the past, were thought over and over until they became beliefs. 

Wouldn’t it be more effective to have a clearing session carried out in person as opposed to over Skype?

In this plane of existence, it is easy to forget that in the Spirit realm, where we come from just before each incarnation, time and space do not exist and so when working with Spirit, we are not at all limited by any distance or Earthly time. A session that conducted in person is just as effective as a session conducted over the phone. 

Can SRT predict my future?

Some people think that SRT can be used to predict their future because pendulums can provide us with yes or no answers and by asking questions about the future, we may be granted permission to find out what might happen but in truth, the future is by no means set in stone. We manifest our lives as we move along our paths. So, in short, no. This is not at all what SRT is designed to do. SRT is a form of energetic healing and is not to be confused with psychic or clairvoyant readings. In sessions, the practitioner will be only guided by your Higher Self or Spirit to the negative energies that need to be identified and fully cleared if permission is granted. 

Can I See a Session Being Carried Out?

Yes, the below video provides a brilliant introduction to the way in which SRT sessions are carried out. There are many more videos on Youtube which also show how the various programs and other negative energies, or energies that are no longer serving you, are identified and removed. Simply search for ‘Spiritual response therapy’ and view the long list of results.