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SRT Fees Information

by Diana
SRT Fees Information

The fees for SRT sessions can vary greatly. You will find that practitioners will usually charge anywhere from £20 (around $25) per session up to and in some cases, well over £100 (around $130) per session. Higher fees are typically implemented by more experienced SRT practitioners are are very high in demand. Sessions are usually paid for in advance whether they are conducted remotely over the telephone or Skype, or in person.

You might find that one session leads to another being required, for example, if clearing that are attracting Narcissistic partners into your life, you might wish to have a further session on attracting partners who are more vibrationally appropriate for you. If you feel you need quite a few sessions, some practitioners are happy to offer discounted rates. Some may ask you to pay for all the sessions in advance in this case.

Each SRT session usually lasts around half an hour, however, they can sometimes go well over an hour so always be prepared to allow a full hour in the event that the session overruns. This may be because some additional negative energies may come up during the session that must be cleared. If this happens, you’ll find that most practitioners won’t charge you more than initially agreed, however, some may – it just depends on how they operate their business.

Typically, you should feel a lot better and lighter during a session, but if you find yourself feeling a little unwell, this  this may be due to the release of energies. If this happens, tell your practitioner immediately and if necessary, pause the session for a short break or stop the session and continue on another day. If you aren’t available to have a session in person or even over Skype or the phone, some practitioners also offer the option of conducting sessions in your absence with the results emailed once the session has ended. The fee for this is usually the same as a session conducted in your physical presence or over the phone or Skype although some practitioners may charge less.