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How SRT Works

by Diana
How SRT Works

Everything is energy so when trying to gain an answer with the use of a pendulum, the theory is that you are actually receiving energy from an energetic force such as your Higher Self, your angels, spirit guides or simply SPIRIT. This energetic force is able to move the pendulum so that you can receive the answers you need in order to clear away negative energies from your Soul’s Akashic records

Before each session starts, the practitioner will usually ground themselves and request that the session provides their client with an outcome that is best for their highest good. Once connected via Skype or over the telephone, they will request to connect to your Higher Self and ask for permission in order to carry out the session. Once successfully connected, and they have been granted permission to carry out the SRT session, they will usually request that all the answers come from your Higher Self.

They then begin to look for the negative energies that need to be removed in line with the question they are asking. For example, if you wish to improve your relationship with your Father, they may ask to be directed to any energies that are preventing you from having a harmonious relationship with him. They may look to clear any discordant energies, negative programs, limiting beliefs and blocks to positive expression to name just a few different types of negative energies. 

The pendulums that are usually used for SRT work are made from Amethyst crystal. Popular choices amongst spiritual healers also often include amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, milky quartz, and tiger eye. This is mainly because a lot of spiritual healers feel that as crystals have wonderful and powerful healing properties (especially rose quartz), this is the most appropriate material to use for this sort of work. 

The video below from Nicky Sutton at www.Spiritual Awakening.net offers a simple, yet detailed explanation of how to use a pendulum effectively.