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Where is My Soulmate?

“He felt now that he was not simply close to her, but that he did not know where he ended and she began.”
– Leo Tolstoy

loveWhen people refer to a ‘Soulmate’ they are generally referring to a romantic soulmate, however, a Soulmate can be a parent, a sibling, a cousin, a friend, a friend of a friend, a student, a colleague, a teacher, an acquaintance, a Spirit guide, your accountant, the local milkman, or even a pet! 

Perhaps everyone’s definition of a Soulmate is different, but my personal definition is someone who my Soul has known and usually ‘worked’ with at least once before on gaining experiences of all kinds whilst either incarnate (living physical existences in the 3rd, 4th or 5th dimensions) or discarnate (in the higher dimensions of 6th or higher), or perhaps even in both states of existence. 

However, saying that, some Soulmates may feel far more significant to us than others. Previous lives spent with someone in a very enjoyable, positive, and intimate capacity may mean deeper feelings for them in your current lifetime as a result. 

loveWhen we meet someone who we have not met before in this lifetime, yet we feel a deep and instant connection and attraction to them, it’s because we have known them before in some sort of deeply close and personal capacity. However, this attraction may not necessarily provide us with the harmonious relationship that we are looking for this time around.

Sometimes, such connections are purely karmic. You may have entered into one another’s lives in order to provide yourselves with an opportunity to resolve the unresolved from previous existences.

Additionally, and perhaps surprisingly, the lives that we have as discarnate entities are just as important as the ones that we have incarnate and so the origin of the karma that requires resolution may even stem from lives in between physical lives. 

Today, we all seem to be looking for our Soulmate and some of us have indeed found them, however, it also seems that a lot of us have not; how many people do you know who are genuinely happily married after many years together? Personally, I only know a few.

I don’t know if each and every one of us finds true and fulfilling love in every single incarnation. Personally, I think that we don’t and the reasons are many. The Soul wants to experience everything and so it may that we want to experience what it’s like to be single – possibly for all of our lives, or at least for the most part.

It may also be because we are consciously or unconsciously preventing ourselves from moving on long after a significant romantic relationship has folded and we still hang on in hope we will get together again or we feel too wounded to find love again.

poetry and quotationsPerhaps it is because we have consciously chosen to remain in an unsatisfactory relationship with someone who we intuitively know is not a good match for us for one reason or another but we are too fearful to let go and break away. If have been experiencing prolonged unhappiness and you feel that can not resolve the situation, know that karmic closure can take place even if only one party desires it. You can break away and provide yourself with the opportunity to find a much better partner for yourself. 

Perhaps we have a lot of negative blocks and interferences accumulated from previous or parallel existences that are preventing us from attracting, finding or keeping a partner who is a good vibrational match for you. SRT can help to remove any such blocks. 

It could be the case that you have already met your Soulmate in this lifetime but the circumstances surrounding one or both parties make it difficult or even outright impossible to be together.

There are so many reasons why you have not yet met your Soulmate – the list is virtually endless and it is sad, but it is also highly likely that you will in the future or in a future incarnation or perhaps you are with them right now in a parallel incarnation! Or who knows – maybe you’ll meet them next week or even as soon as tomorrow. It’s hard to tell what may or may not lie ahead for each of us. It’s all about experience because ultimately, our Souls wish to experience as much as we possibly can. 

I love this quote from Edgar Cayce who could channel wonderful information from the Akashic records


edgar cayce quotes


I would like to mention that love is also rather hard to find in today’s world. In the West, we often have rather materialistic views regarding love; a partner must match certain criteria such as financial status, skin colour, age, height, employment status and so on. It is in my personal opinion that love has never been, is not, and never will be contingent on such materialistic criteria. Perhaps by applying such criteria, we may miss out on finding true love. Always keeping an open mind is a good idea. 


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