spiritual cleansing with sage

Smudging FAQs

spiritual cleansingWhat is smudging?

Smudging is the process of burning the herb, white sage. It clears places, areas, people and animals of negative energies and entities. It’s the very same herb that’s used for cooking but the sticks used in cleansing ceremonies are produced in a different way as the herb is dried, the leaves are left on and each stick is tightly packed and bound. 

Where does the practice come from?

Smudging was originally used by Native Americans in ritualistic, spiritual ceremonies to cleanse negative emotions and evil spirits from people, homes and locations. 

What is smudging used for?

Smudging is great for the following:

  • Cleansing human and animal auras
  • Cleansing homes, garages, offices and other properties (most often, smudging is used to cleanse properties people feel are haunted or have generally poor or bad energy). Properties that have been on the market for prolonged periods may sell faster once any negative energies have been removed. 
  • Cleansing vehicles such as cars and motorcyclessage for cleansing

People often state that they feel lighter, uplifted, and a lot more positive after cleansing themselves with the herb.

How do you smudge a property?

  1. Personally, I recommend grounding or meditation before smudging.
  2. Light your smudging stick. A lot of smoke will be created.
  3. Hold the firm intention that you will successfully cleanse the property.
  4. Walk around the whole property. Start from one side of the property and go around the entire area so that every single room inside receives the smoke.
  5. Exit the property and smudge outside all the way around it.

Where can I buy sage from?

You can purchase white sage smudging sticks from plenty of places online such as eBay, Amazon, and metaphysical e-commerce stores.

What constitutes a high-quality smudging stick?

Sticks that are well wrapped, have plenty of white sage inside and are complete with leaves.

How long will each smudging stick last?

People often think that each stick will only last for a single smudging session. Each stick should actually last around 3-4 months if you take care to extinguish it well after each use.

Can I hire you to smudge my home / aura / pet etc?

This isn’t a service that I offer, however, please feel free to contact me and I may be able to recommend someone who can in your area. 



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