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A Fascination with the Paranormal

Making Contact with Spirits and Alien Life Forms

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I’ve always been completely fascinated with the paranormal; aliens, ghosts, spirits, angels, other dimensions, time travel and so on. I wrote a couple of articles back in October around Halloween on ghostly activity and negative entity attachmentWhen anyone expresses a similar, significant interest in anything of this sort of nature, I’m always curious to learn how their interest came about, if they have any personal experiences they’d like to share, what their favourite paranormal topic is, and so on.

I would like to offer a few personal pointers for those who are just starting out with the exploration of the paranormal, in particular, extraterrestrial and ghost / Spirit contact. We’ve all heard unnerving stories whereby someone used a Ouija / Spirit board to contact a dead friend or relative or just for fun and received some unwanted activity as a direct result. This method of contacting discarnate entities has become very popular in recent times to the point where the supermarket chain, Target, has started selling boards in the games section of their stores – and for a very reasonable price.

When I discovered this some months back, I was deeply shocked. I suspect the product buyers at Target think it’s simply a basic board game that doesn’t really have the ability to reach Spirits. I personally strongly disagree and it’s astounding to so many young people on Youtube playing with the boards (either home made or store bought) thinking that it’s just a silly game that they’re trying out for a laugh. I would really like to say that Ouija boards should not be used by anyone who isn’t familiar with the Spirit realms as this can cause problems with negative entities entering our realm and wreaking havoc.

Atunnel and spiritss I understand it, entities that come through the board into our reality are not always very easy to send back to where they came from either. The services of a professional psychic or medium may very well be required in some instances – and these services are usually quite expensive! I personally know someone who discovered his bedroom had been completely turned upside down a few hours after playing with the board for the first time. And I think he had a very lucky escape as the entity or entities could have remained with him as they so frequently seem to do. 

Channelling discarnate entities and E.T.s is something else that the novice paranormal enthusiast should be wary of. There are plenty of great articles on the Internet that can explain the various forms of channelling and guide someone to channel entities properly – without accidentally welcoming in a negative entity or three that may be reluctant to leave. Asking your guides and the angels to be with you when channelling, for example, may help to keep any unpleasant entities at bay. 

I personally believe that it’s really vital to have the right training before participating in any spiritual activity because things can go terribly wrong otherwise. It may be worth getting in touch with a professional psychic, medium or other spiritual practitioner before attempting contact with aliens or spirits and they should be able to assist with smooth contact. 



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