Soul's earth incarnation

Our Earthly Experience

Spirit Craves Flesh

A very wise spiritual healer once said to me “Spirit craves flesh”. I was in my twenties and a little unhappy with my life at the time, having just experienced the breakdown of a relationship and I was complaining to her about it. What she said really served as a reminder of how this lifecycle won’t last forever and how we should just enjoy the ride. This lifetime is very short as the average human lifespan at present is a mere 71 years (on average). We all know people who have lived well past this age, but that’s very much besides the point.

What are we here to do?

our planetYou’re here to have an Earthly experience. It’s my personal belief that there are many other races out there in the Universe, located on many different planets in many different dimensions and timelines. The Earth experience as a human is simply one of the many experiences available for Souls to have.

Perhaps you’ve experienced incarnations on other planets and whilst there, you’ve learned about their cultures, customs, norms, values, foods, and so on. Any such experiences would have helped to make you the person you are today. Now you’re here on Earth as a human and you’re experiencing what this planet has to offer, whilst simultaneously resolving karmic connections and enhancing your Soul’s overall growth, knowledge and wisdom.

Although I’m currently taking part in the Earth experience directly as a human, I now feel as though I’m an observer of this race, at this time, on this planet. I can see that overall, this planet has so much to offer Souls; from the amazing experience of romantic love to eating different kinds of tasty foods, to learning new skills such as driving, and so much more! Even having a nice cup of tea counts as an experience – and remember that it’s something you won’t be able to do when discarnate.  

I know that it’s hard to remember that you’re a spiritual being having a temporary human experience when you have a mortgage to keep up with and children that need looking after; human life seems very real and enduring in the daytime and there isn’t much time for introspective thought, but when it’s the evening, try to remember that whatever you’re experiencing now won’t last long, so do try to make the most out of it. 



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