October 2016

cute decorationsAs I write this, I can see the frost on the tops of cars outside can feel the cold air emanating from my single glazed office windows and it is cold. Without a shadow of a doubt, Autumn has finally arrived in leafy North London. 

Autumn is my second favourite season after Summer. I think it’s a terribly romantic season. The colours are subtle and beautiful. You can feel nature relaxing all around you after the lovely yet long and hot Summer it has just finished sustaining. The air somehow feels cleaner, sharper and easier to breathe. 

It’s been a very happy, busy and thankfully, productive September and I’m looking forward to this month turning out to be the same. As it gets colder and colder, I’ll be spending more time indoors, much like everyone else, and that will mean a few more blog posts will be on the cards :). 

Halloween is coming and it’ll be fun to dress the outside of the house up with ghoulish paraphernalia to let kiddies and their parents know it’s ok to knock on the door for some sweet little treats. Shortly after that, it’ll be time for fireworks and then Christmas and the New Year will be coming around the corner (usually a lot faster than we think!). 

I’ve only just added a blog to this relatively new website so this month, I’ll be writing my first few blog posts, including one on dealing with hauntings and negative entities which I thought would be particularly appropriate and somewhat spooky subjects for this month. I hope you’ll find some of them interesting! Please feel free to comment on any posts. Should you wish to contact me directly, please view my contact page where you’ll find my contact information. 

I hope you have a great October, keep well and warm and have a happy and fun Halloween! 


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