spiritual release therapy

November 2016

moonOn and off over the past month, I’ve been rereading a brilliant and extremely interesting book by Bradley Nelson called The Emotion Code. The Emotion Code operates on the premise that throughout the course of our lives, we pick up and retain negative emotions and we can benefit mentally, emotionally and even physically from the identification and subsequent release of these emotions.

Back in 2013, I was undergoing monthly Emotion Code sessions with a very talented energetic healer. I was very impressed with the results and felt that this healing modality helped me a huge amount with many different aspects of my life.

Shortly after my sessions came to an end, I decided to read The Emotion Code and see if I could try it out on myself. The book recommends that muscle testing or applied Kinesiology be used in order to obtain answers from the subconscious mind, however, I found that after just a very short while, this became quite tiring. I later found out that a pendulum could be used just as well instead and I felt this was a far better fit for me.

bradley nelson booklarge emotion code chartIt was shortly after this that I discovered Spiritual Response Therapy and decided to become a practitioner of it myself but The Emotion Code helped me enormously for a number of years prior and if you’re just starting to explore energetic healing modalities to utilise for yourself, I would highly recommend you pick up a copy of The Emotion Code. Once you finish reading it, consider creating an enlarged scan or photocopy of the chart inside on page 193. It’s a very small and simple chart and it’s so easy to locate trapped emotions with a pendulum. Please see my post on how SRT works to get help with using a pendulum (the video is especially helpful).

November is finally here and I can feel 2017 approaching. I will be adding plenty of new blog posts here including one on meditation, which I also think is a great self-healing modality.

I hope that you all have a happy, healthy and productive November!


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