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How to Cope with Being an Empath

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How Can I Cope with Being an Empath In Today’s World? 

You walk into your office in the morning. There are people everywhere buzzing around, emailing, tapping away on their keyboards, photocopying, gossiping, and so on. Some people are tired, others angry, elated, disappointed, indifferent, depressed, confused, anxious, happy, joyous; there are dozens, if not hundreds of emotions emanating from each individual and whizzing around you. You can feel them in the air. They’re almost tangible. It’s overwhelming and the day hasn’t even started.

You sense that the atmosphere around Julia is joyous; she’s getting married to the love of her life and she’s just put a deposit down on her dream home. She’s ecstatic and looking online a beautiful wedding venue for their special day. You feel light and content around her. Contrastingly, the atmosphere around Benjamin’s desk is heavy and dark; he’s getting divorced and his wife wants full custody of their three children and their dog. He’s holding his head in his hands and is barely able to get on with his work. You feel weighed down and worn out around him. 

You’re about to get on the train to go home. It arrives and it’s absolutely packed. People are scrambling to get on, pushing and shoving. An angry looking man sneezes literally centimeters from your face. Emotions of stress, illness, resentment, frustration are in the air – and you can feel them. You feel them precisely as your own and it’s hard to distinguish those that are genuinely yours and those that belong to others. You arrive home exhausted, angry, frustrated, stressed out and upset, albeit much more so than you would consider reasonable or logical.

At times, it can feel almost impossible to go outside and mingle with other people. You anticipate that you will return home feeling weighed down with other people’s emotions and thoughts. There are steps that can be taken to help, however, and you needn’t fear the world outside.

compassionate empathsIf you regularly experience scenarios much like the above, you may very well be an Empath. An Empath is someone who can feel (and usually also absorb) the mental or emotional state of another person. This is considered to be a paranormal ability and a spiritual gift (even though it may not feel like a gift at times). 

Now, it’s hard enough to cope in today’s world if you aren’t an Empath, but if you are, it’s much harder, in my opinion. However, there are a few different things you can try out to help you through life as an Empath. Meditation is a really easy and efficient way to clear away any unwanted, heavy negative energies that may be circulating in your aura and weighing you down. Please see my post on meditation.

You may also wish to consider spending some time in silence, away from any distractions or external stimulation such as music, children, television, mobile phones, traffic noise, and so on. In silence, the mind can process and arrange information more efficiently so any energies that may have affected you throughout the day can be assessed logically and hopefully cleared away from the mind a little easier. I have personally found that prolonged periods of silence help me to think and evaluate situations (both work related and personal) an awful lot easier and faster. I also find that saying no helps!

Please also view my post about how sensitive people (Empaths included) can help themselves to heal and take care of themselves. 

Deeper healing from a professional energetic healer may also be required from time to time as Empaths do tend to accumulate a lot of different kinds of energies. Reiki healing, SRT, The Emotion Code, and so on are all fantastic energetic healing modalities that can help Empaths restore and maintain normality. 



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