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My home has always been my sanctuary. My bedroom, even more so. It has always been an organized, quiet, and perfectly peaceful haven. Around seven years ago, after many years of working long hours and most weekends, I found myself exceptionally rundown and unwell. A series of blood tests showed that I had a couple of significant nutrient deficiencies and that I was anemic. I frequently experienced persistent headaches, excessive tiredness, cramps, and much more. I was physically exhausted and additionally, fairly unhappy with my life in general.

In the early hours of one morning, I was woken by a series of loud knocks on my bedroom door. In a very confused state, I asked who was there. No one replied. I eventually went back to sleep and by the following day, I had more or less forgotten about what had happened. I assured myself that the knocking was most likely a part of a dream or nightmare and that it had somehow woken me up.

apparitionsIn the weeks and months that followed, the unexplained occurrences increased drastically and I couldn’t understand what was going on. I was absolutely convinced that somehow, a malevolent spirit or group of spirits had taken up residence in my home, however, as it turned out, that was not quite the case. There were indeed negative entities present around me, but they were not attached to my property; they were attached to me

It is widely agreed amongst energetic healers that when someone is unwell, physically, mentally or emotionally, their aura may become weak. At this point, people may be more likely to attract and retain negative entities. These entities may be discarnate humans, entities from other realities or dimensions or other places that we can not fathom. Many energetic healing modalities may be able to help with this sort of issue.

SRT is a particularly powerful system for removing most negative entities that may be attached to you and although it was not the particular method used for removing the entities that were attached to me, I have heard success stories from others. Thankfully, I eventually received all the help I needed from a very wise and spiritual friend and the situation was promptly resolved after that. The Wolf of Wall Street 2013 movie trailer

If you suspect that you may have entities attached to you or your home, consider contacting an energetic healer to hear what they may be able to suggest. 


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