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Dealing With Hauntings

healing livesNow and again, I’m asked to clear properties that are haunted. Whilst this isn’t something that I personally do, I know a very capable and professional spiritual healer who is able to do this quickly and effectively and so I refer those looking for such clearings to them. 

I would, however, like to share some of my knowledge about hauntings, gained through many years of research such as why they occur and how best to deal with them. Firstly, it must be determined who or what is haunting the property or area; is it a human who has passed on, a deceased pet, a demonic entity, a negative entity of some other kind, or is it something else entirely?

Hauntings that are caused by humans sometimes occur because the recently deceased person may be terribly confused by their death and not be aware that they have lost their physical vessel. This is especially common upon sudden death, especially if this was not a part of their Soul’s life plan. The deceased person can additionally experience a mixture of emotions including anger, remorse, resentment, and sorrow and may be aware that they have passed on but refuse to leave the Earth plane.

The deceased person can additionally experience a mixture of emotions including anger, remorse, resentment, and sorrow and may be aware that they have passed on but refuse to leave the Earth plane. If they died under particularly tragic circumstances, such as in a car accident or if they were murdered or driven to commit suicide, they may also feel justice or revenge should be served and not wish to leave until this has been achieved. 

the afterlife

People may also, very understandably, feel that they must stay to help out their families, or still hang out around the house they still love and find comfort in, or simply continue spending time with their friends or get on with work. It may also be that they died a natural, calm and peaceful death that they knew was imminent, yet they feel the need to stay for the same reasons above. It’s just incredibly difficult to carry on as normal in the third dimension when you are no longer in physical form.

This may seem strange, but perhaps you yourself have turned down the option of moving on at the end of previous lifetimes. Intuitively, I feel that I have myself refused to move on after death at least once, although I can’t recall any of the reasons why. If you don’t believe in an afterlife, it may be particularly challenging to accept that you are currently experiencing it and have indeed, died. 

Although the very vast majority of us can’t recall what the death process is like, people who claim they do recall it, say that it’s merely akin to passing from one room to another and if the difference between life and death is really that minimal, then no wonder it can be confusing!

Upon death, as I understand it, people are usually presented with a healing, bright white light and should be naturally drawn to this, but it is perfectly possible to resist and that’s when they make a conscious choice to stay Earth bound until they change their minds, which may take a very long time. Entities, Spirit guides and angels from the other side often come to aid their transition in this instance. Free will can not be infringed upon so only until they choose to leave, will they leave.

Young Souls in particular, may have trouble accepting death. They may have become very attached to their Earthly lifetime and all of the material possessions they have accumulated or wish to accumulate and not want to leave for that reason.

Depending on who you speak to, you will receive many different answers to resolving hauntings caused by humans. If you speak with a Christian or Catholic Priest, they may advise a blessing or even an exorcism (if there is a lot of activity), however, if you speak with a practitioner of SRT, one session may be the only requirement for resolution (if the activity is caused by a deceased human being).

Cleansing the atmosphere with Sage (known as ‘Smudging’) may also help in some cases. However, I would advise anyone to find out as much as possible about the cause of the activity before looking for a healer to restore normality. Try to bring a legitimate psychic or medium to the property. They should be able to tell you what’s causing the activity and they may additionally be able to remove the entity for you, especially if it’s a human or pet haunting (animals have Souls too so they may also remain Earth bound after losing their bodies). 

love and compassionIn the rare case of demonic hauntings or hauntings caused by other unknown, negative entities from other dimensions that have somehow crossed into our dimension’s timeline, you may wish to consider contacting a demonologist as SRT may not be able to help with these kinds of issues. Someone who specialises in demonic issues should be far more knowledgeable and capable of resolving the issue.

Although hauntings can be very distressing for the living experiencing them, I personally think the best that we can do for those who are haunting is to feel love and compassion for them. We may not be aware of what caused them to want to stay on this plane and the circumstances may be very sad. Send them as much love and light as possible and intend that their issues will be resolved so that peace may be restored to your life too. 

Please let me know if you require the removal of negative entities from your home through spiritual healing and I’ll be happy to refer you to someone who may be able to help you. 

Some good sources of information on the subject of the afterlife and hauntings:

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