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spiritual journal londonWelcome to my humble little blog on numerous spiritual topics! 

I debated for a fair bit whether or not I should add a blog to this website but aside from the main pages here, there is
srt journalso much more that I wish to cover when it comes to spirituality so I decided to go ahead.
I’ve been a long time subscriber of plenty of blogs covering spiritual topics and spiritual YouTubers and I’ve been looking forward to adding my own posts somewhere on the World Wide Web.

I usually update the blog monthly, although sometimes I’m able to do this a little more often if I find I have some additional free time. 

Inside, I cover a multitude of spiritual topics such as different energetic healing modalities, the Higher Self, Spirit guides, Source energy, Chi / Qi, chakras, entity attachment, Soulmates, Soul groups, meditation, the human experience, the law of attraction, reincarnation, the existence of other dimensions and realities and a lot more besides. 

enlightened reading

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Happy reading and I hope that you will find some of the posts interesting! Please also remember to check back for new blog posts every now and again 🙂 

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