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Are You an ‘Old Soul’?

I suspect that if you have been searching the Internet for an answer, you have probably already answered your own question. Although, what does this term really mean? A lot of spiritual people believe that this is a term used to describe people who have lived many, many times before and possess a lot of knowledge and wisdom. streaming The Mummy

My personal definition is a little different. I believe that Souls who can be described as old may not have lived many times before but from the few lifetimes they have lived incarnate, they have managed to garner a lot of knowledge and wisdom. 

reincarnation of old souls

I have also listened to many spiritual friends who feel very strongly that they incarnated straight from other planets, planes of existences and dimensions. Perhaps this is also possible. 

Old Souls often find themselves questioning their existence on this planet at this time. They might feel out of place and even unhappy here. Most Souls typically suffer spiritual amnesia upon incarnation and so it can be very difficult to remember why they came here. There may be many reasons, but perhaps one of them could be to help raise the vibration of the planet. Even simply by being here, the vibration of the planet can be lifted. 

There are so many wonderful books and videos on the Internet that can help you to understand why you came here and how you can make the very most out of your current Earth experience.

inner wisdom from past lives







My reading recommendations include the following:

  • Brian Weiss – Same Soul, Many Bodies
  • Brian Weiss – Only Love is Real
  • Brian Weiss – Through Time Into Healing
  • Brian Weiss – Messages From The Masters
  • Anita Moorjani – Dying to be Me
  • Robert Detzler – The Freedom Path
  • Robert Detzler – Spiritual Healing
  • Robert Detzler – Soul Recreation: Developing Your Cosmic Potential

My YouTube channel recommendations include the following:


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