Spiritual Response Therapy 


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What is Spiritual Response Therapy?

Spiritual response therapy (or SRT) operates on the premise that we are all powerful, complex, infinite, immortal, and multi-dimensional beings that reincarnate over and over to learn and experience as much as possible.

Along the way, we can accumulate negative energies which are thought to become part of our Soul records and these can prevent us from moving forward in positive ways. SRT identifies and removes these negative energies from your subconscious mind and your Soul’s Akashic records quickly, safely, and effectively. They are also often replaced with positive, supportive and loving energies which may help to change your life for the better. 

SRT is a particularly appropriate form of energetic healing for those who believe that we reincarnate or those who do not necessarily believe in previous lives and existences but who are open-minded when it comes to the possibility. 

The Soul’s Many Lifetimes 

You may have made choices in this current lifetime or other, previous lifetimes that are negatively impacting you in this current lifetime. Additionally, and perhaps more thought-provokingly, because we are multi-dimensional beings, there may also be choices that are currently being made in other dimensions and realities that have and will impact you in this lifetime. 

How Can SRT Help Me?amethyst all purpose healing crystals

SRT can clear away negative energy from so many different areas in your life. The clearing work is completely unique to each individual. Clearing sessions can help to reshape your life by getting rid of any negative energies that may be preventing you from moving forward in positive ways in many different areas of your life. By undergoing clearing you can expand your unlimited potential for a more peaceful and satisfying life. 

You may wish to look into attracting new friends that are a better fit for you, gain a loving partner or find a job that you feel more comfortable with. You may also wish to improve present relationships such as those with friends, romantic partners, work colleagues, parents, siblings and other family members. By removing any negative energies that may reside between you, you may be able to improve the quality of your relationships. 

How is an SRT Session Conducted? 

A pendulum is used in conjunction with a total of thirty-two charts in order to locate the negative energies that need to be removed from your Soul’s Akashic records. SRT can discover where these energies are located, what they are, when they came into existence and how they may be affecting your life at present. SPIRIT will clear out these negative energies and replace them with positive energies when appropriate.